These money and investing tips can help you stay cool as stocks wilt in the August heat

 These money and investing tips can help you stay cool as stocks wilt in the August heat

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Will Social Security’s COLA for 2023 be high enough?

Several different inflation measures are nevertheless telling a similar story Read More

You might think you’re a long-term investor. But new research shows your view is probably off by decades

Most of us can’t be confident that holding through thick and thin is the right course of action because our time horizons are too short. Read More

Single-stock ETFs: ‘We’re going to see this entire ETF category absolutely explode’

In this week’s ETF Wrap, you’ll get a look at the wave of single-stock ETFs that have recently hit the market — and whether they may be geared toward your investment approach. Read More

Evidence for a new bull market in stocks is rapidly piling up

Four of five key indicators are signaling green for “go.” Read More

Proceed with caution if you trade stocks based on the market’s 200-day moving average

The U.S. market closing above its 200-day moving average isn’t a significant bullish measure. Read More

Here are the signs that the bear-market rally in stocks won’t last long – Citi

The size and duration of the bear-market rally is already in line with what is typical.

These stock pickers have beaten their benchmark while giving fund holders needed diversification

Andrew Baumbusch and Colin Dunn describe their winning strategy for the Cambiar SMID Fund. Read More

Now that the S&P 500 is looking overbought, watch what happens to this downtrend line that defines the bear market

Since there are several overbought conditions, the stock market may now have trouble breaking through that resistance. Read More

Stock buybacks aren’t the threat Congress and the Inflation Reduction Act says they are

Federal tax on buybacks won’t raise much revenue, and repurchases are a small and declining percentage of the stock market. Read More

20 bank stocks expected to benefit the most from rising interest rates as the Federal Reserve fights inflation

These banks are poised to earn higher profits as interest rates rise. Read More

Norway’s sovereign wealth fund suffers worst first half loss after stock and bond rout

Equity portfolio loses 17% as technology holdings inclding Amazon and Meta take a big hit Read More

This tech titan’s hard fall is a reminder that successful investors know they’re not invincible

Ignore the crowd — and your past successes. Read More

‘Zombie’ stocks AMC and GameStop could feel the cash burn, says New Constructs

The latest meme stock spike will be short-lived, says David Trainer, CEO of investment research firm New Constructs. Read More

Buffett and Berkshire added big to their bets on Ally, Occidental, Paramount and Activision. But these other 6 stocks also got a vote of confidence.

Berkshire Hathaway also reduced its holdings of four stocks while unloading two other positions. Read More

No, a strong dollar doesn’t pose much of a threat to company earnings — or to stocks

It used to be the case in the past. But no more. Read More

What’s the best way to invest in tech stocks right now? This strategy is working well for one fund manager.

Robert Stimpson of Oak Associates Funds favors a “financials first” approach to tech stocks. Read More

Tesla and Ford attract new investments from George Soros’s fund

Billionaire investor George Soros’s investment fund has bought stakes in Tesla Inc. and Ford Motor Co. and added to existing stakes in Lucid Group Inc. and Nio Inc., according to a filing late Friday. Read More

The LGBTQ+ community needs help meeting retirement and personal finance goals. Financial advisers have a huge opportunity to make a difference.

To attract clients in the LGBTQ+ community, advisers can signal their inclusiveness with these steps. Read More

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