These Are The 10 Best Small RVs Money Can Buy

 These Are The 10 Best Small RVs Money Can Buy

The recreation lifestyle is not for everyone. Some who dreamed of a euphoric, picture-perfect lifestyle experience may find it a shocking nightmare. But if you love the isolated nomadic life, few experiences can match a motorhome’s freedom of living on the move. Also, recreation vehicles come in different sizes and classes, and your choice depends on your budget, frequency of use, driving confidence, and the accessories and comforts you can live without.

Bigger isn’t always better; sometimes, a small RV might be your motor home of choice. Many opt for smaller RVs, while others downsize to enjoy the many benefits they offer in small but powerful packages. They offer superior cost benefits, and even with their small and lighter sizes, they pack amenities and enough room for plenty of people. Also, they are easier to drive through cities and filling stations and are cheaper to maintain. Any recreation vehicle under 25 ft long qualifies as a small RV, and they pack every basic need for self-contained living on the road. Here are the best small RVs money can buy for your next adventure.

10 Airstream Interstate Nineteen

Starting at $200,681, the Airstream Interstate 19 isn’t the cheapest piece of automotive machinery you can buy. But it is among the best bang-for-your-buck camper vans out there. It is slightly longer than a standard SUV at 19-foot, making it the smallest Class B RV with a fully equipped bathroom complete with a shower and cassette toilet.

The Airstream Interstate 19 is simple to drive, effortless to park, and seats four while sleeping two. It was built on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 van chassis and came with more than fifty best-in-class standard features to increase safety, performance, comfort, and efficiency.

9 Leisure Travel Vans Serenity

Measuring 24 feet and featuring a curved fiberglass body, the Leisure Travel Vans Serenity is one of the most beautiful Class C motorhomes money can buy. It comes with a high-quality interior and exterior, better than you will find on many RVs. It has a comfortable layout, a walkaround bed, four burner gas stoves, and an outside shower.

Serenity lies upon the Mercedes Sprinter Cab Chassis, which it can thank for the flexibility and agility. The sleek aerodynamic exterior lines reduce wind noise and help boost gas mileage.

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8 Winnebago Ekko

As we wait for Winnebago’s first all-electric RV, we have the opportunity to enjoy the Ekko, which is new for 2022. It blends the luxury, capacity, and livability of a Class C motorhome with the efficiency of a campervan. Built on the capable AWD Ford Transit chassis, you can easily take the RV to explore deep dirt roads for the ultimate boondocking experience during any season.

Pricing for the small 23-foot RV starts at $171,845. It has the right equipment to comfortably last days off-grid featuring a 50-gallon water tank, a wet bath, and a cassette toilet. 445 watts of solar panels mounted on the roof will keep your devices online. It can sleep four people, and there is an extra outdoor kitchen for open-air meal preparation.

7 Unity Leisure Van

The Mercedes Sprinter chassis is a popular platform for many great RVs, and the Unity Leisure Van lies on top of a Sprinter with a 3.6-liter V6 turbo diesel motor. It produces 188hp and 325lb-ft of torque, sufficient to navigate rough roads and tough trails while on an adventure.

A choice of six distinct floor layouts maximizes space in the 25-foot Class B RV for functionality and comfort. The layout features twin beds, a murphy bed, a corner bed, and a unique grand island bedroom with a walkaround room.

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6 Winnebago Revel

If you are an adventure purist, Winnebago has prepared the Revel for you and all outdoor enthusiasts. Its off-road 4×4 system is one of the most robust in an RV. It comes complete with high and low-range modes. The American recreation outfit claims it is the most off-road capable RV they have built.

At 19-foot, it is among the smallest RVs on this list, but that doesn’t compromise usable space. Winnebago’s ingenuity created a power lift bed that transforms into a 140-cubic foot gear garage.

5 Thor Gemini AWD

Thor Motor Coach claims that the Gemini AWD helps rewrite exploring rules. It offers plenty of capability, livability, drivability, and the ability to go anywhere. The Class B+ RV has plenty of storage space, seats that convert into beds, a fully enclosed bath, and a fully equipped kitchen.

It runs on a Ford Transit Chassis propelled by a 3.5-liter turbo V6 EcoBoost engine producing an incredible 310hp and 400lb-ft of torque. There are plenty of safety features, and with a starting price of $120,000, the Gemini offers an excellent high-quality RV choice.

4 Coachmen Galleria

Coachmen has a rich lineup of high-quality RVs built on decades of experience. The Galleria is a Class B offering built on the award-winning 3500 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. The “Blue TEC” turbo diesel powerplant in the car is one of the cleanest in the business. It punches 325lb-ft of torque while returning great fuel economy.

The Galleria measures 24-foot long and comes in four layout configurations, with the most affordable option starting at $188,066. You will find high-end components, including marble cabinetry, a Truma Combi water heater system, and an Onan generator.

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3 Ford Transit Nugget

Ford offers the Transit Nugget in the Active and Trail trims, offering the perfect home-on-wheels option without breaking the bank. The Active comes in a luxurious high-spec interior, while the Trail features a rugged exterior styling and a mechanical limited-slip differential to tackle rough roads.

Despite measuring just 17-foot long, the Nugget can sleep up to four people while offering sufficient living space to entertain camping guests. It comes with a cassette toilet, but you’ll have to do without a shower. Pricing starts at $66,950, making it the cheapest on this list.

2 Fleetwood RV Irok FSL

The Irok takes luxury in RVs to new highs with a sleek, understated exterior and a posh interior. It comes standard with many features that you would enjoy in a home. There is 28-gallon fresh water storage, an LPG generator, solar panels, and ECO charging. The kitchen prides a refrigerator, induction cooktop, microwave, and convertible dinette table. The bath has a large shower and porcelain toilet. Also, there is a Samsung LED smart TV and Wi-Fi prep for your entertainment.

Its small dimensions, like the 21-foot length, make it the best of both worlds; you can easily cross the continent and then easily fit it in your driveway when you get back.

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1 American Coach Patriot MD2

American Coach is better known for building big Class A million-dollar buses, but as of 2021, they dived into the class B motorhome market. They built the Patriot MD2 on the ever-present Mercedes-Benz Splinter chassis, which has one of the best interior designs and layouts among Class B RVs.

The Patriot MD2 features unmatched elegance and style backed by American Coach’s superior craftsmanship. The only shortcoming is that it can only comfortably sleep two people, but you don’t go for a small RV if you want to host your whole clan.

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