Surviving inflation: How is your family saving money right now?

 Surviving inflation: How is your family saving money right now?

If you’re like me, you’ve probably been thinking of ways to save money these days. For example, I haven’t ordered food delivery so far this month and probably won’t for the foreseeable future. Instead, I’m finding more ways to make the food I buy at the grocery store last longer – even if this, too, is costing more these days.

As inflation tightens our budgets, we want Your Opinion. How are you and your family saving money to make every penny count?

  • Are you spending more on back-to-school items? How have you saved?
  • Groceries, mobile phone plans, car insurance, subscriptions | How have you made changes to save more money?

We invite you to share Your Opinion with the Denver7 360 team and we’ll compile your answers together to share with our audience and readers to help others.

When you share your thoughts with us, consider all the ways you’re saving money – not just on food or gas, but on other things as well, and try to complete the phrase: “How I’m saving money….” on things like school supplies, groceries, your mobile plan, subscriptions, pets, car insurance, home maintenance, etc.

We want to help Coloradans learn new ways to save in these challenging times and who better to help than other Coloradans who may have a trick or two up their sleeve?

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