Seriously! Let’s pair creme brulee and chicken fingers | Lifestyle

 Seriously! Let’s pair creme brulee and chicken fingers | Lifestyle

Today we celebrate National Creme Brulee Day. Always celebrated on July 27, creme brulee is a custard made up of a mixture of vanilla infused cream, egg yolks, and sugar, with a scattering of sugar on top. If you’ve never tasted one, add this luxurious dessert to your bucket list.

According to National Today, the first creme brulee recipe appeared in a royal cookbook written by a cook at France’s Palace of Versailles in 1691. But a similar dessert called Trinity Burnt Creme appeared as far back as the 1400s in England. There’s even earlier evidence of a Spanish version called Crema Catalina. Whoever concocted this dessert first has my thanks for such a simple and delicious dessert.

Since creme brulee bounced back into popularity during the 1980s, the dessert has been modified way beyond its vanilla basics, with dessert chefs jazzing up the flavors to include everything from chocolate and lemon to peach and Nutella. There’s even a recipe call for a snickerdoodle-flavored creme. I love the original creme brulee with a few sliced strawberries on the side. It is the perfect dessert for a hot summer night after eating an order of chicken fingers.

What? Chicken fingers? Seriously? Yes, today is also National Chicken Finger Day. Todd Graves, CEO and founder of Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers, founded National Chicken Finger Day to express his appreciation for chicken fingers, as well as for the dedicated fan base that has supported Raising Cane’s over the years. Chicken fingers, which can help with a child’s picky tendencies, are delicious in every way, and can be enjoyed by everyone. Chicken fingers and creme brulee — now that is quite the pairing.

I started back to work this past Monday after a few productive weeks off. I love my job. I love working with teenagers. I watch them enter high school as freshmen like tightly wrapped flower buds unsure where they fit in, and as they mature and grow through their sophomore and junior years, they open their petals wide, embracing school life. Then senior year comes, and right before your eyes, they become the most beautiful confident blooms ready to conquer the world. They are amazing. And it does my heart good to know I am part of their academic growth.

Happy anniversary to my Honey Bunny. Love you more. This coming Sunday, July 31, Don and I will be celebrating our 53rd wedding anniversary. It has been an unforgettable adventure. It seems like it was only yesterday we were starting out. I am not saying every day has been sunshine and flowers. But hey, if it were easy, anyone could do it, right? We have made great memories and met many interesting people.

Flower of the Day: Carnations

Recipe of the Day: Creme brulee

Dates to remember:

Aug. 2 — National Night Out

Aug. 6 — Herald Day

Aug. 8 — School starts for the high schools.

Aug. 11 — Galt elementary schools and New Hope Elementary start school.

Aug. 15 — Arcohe Elementary starts school.

Aug. 18 — Oak View Elementary starts school.

Until next week — Be strong, be courageous and make a memory.

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