Opinion: Local corruption seeping in

 Opinion: Local corruption seeping in

I want to make the community aware of manipulation of surveys that are being conducted about tennis courts throughout the area. In the case of courts near me, an inaccurate conclusion that was reached based on a faulty survey about the tennis courts in Sandpiper Park.

In this survey there were three options presented, two of which preserved two tennis courts in the park. Unfortunately, the third option, converting one of the courts to a pickleball court won a plurality but not a majority, and was selected.

This is simply bad logic and shows a lack of respect to the community. I have since also learned that there were many out of area responses for our Sandpiper survey to increase the pickleball conversion survey response.

A Scottsdale pickleball club was contacted and asked to respond with out of area responses.

I think it is important to expose this corruption and manipulation of results. If we don’t fight against corruption at the local level, our government will not behave in a way that reflects the interests of the community.

Mark Spinrad

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