Cat stuck up a tree gets daring rescue | Lifestyle

 Cat stuck up a tree gets daring rescue | Lifestyle

A scared kitty was rescued from the top of a palm tree thanks to some concerned residents and the charity of a local tree trimmer.

Lake Havasu City resident Jenny Kidd said she was outside when she heard meowing from the top of a 40-foot palm near her home. After a moment of searching the palm fronds with her eyes, she saw a cat clinging to the tree, which was starting to sway in the breeze as Thursday’s storm began to pick up.

She recognized the cat as a stray that hangs out in her neighborhood.

She said she isn’t able to bring the cat indoors because she has dogs that don’t like cats, but neighbors in the area keep the cat well fed. She said the kitty is “super sweet and friendly, and obviously a survivor.”

Not knowing what else to do, Kidd turned to Facebook. She posted in the Havasu Orchids & Onions Facebook group that she needed help getting the cat down. It wasn’t long before she got a message from the folks at Sky High Landscaping & More, offering to retrieve the cat for free.

Soon, tree trimmer Rodolfo Garcia was on site with a ladder and a backpack, and he had the cat down within minutes.

When they returned to earth, they let the cat out of the bag — and she darted, happy to be back on solid ground.

Visit to watch some video clips of the cat rescue provided by Jenny Kidd.

— Today’s News-Herald

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